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by Sarah Jenkins

Unique, elegant, bone-china shades with a beautiful contrast between day and night. Love them, thank you.”

I create lightpieces - lampshades - by slip casting bone china


The hand-casting process creates organic irregularities, making each one unique, looking as if it has grown, rather than been made. Although light, they are surprisingly strong, with a gentle translucency that provides a warm soft glow of illumination through the shade. 

"...the light they gave off as the sun went down was just so beautiful. I think it’s like having three moons, or planets, in our kitchen. They really are so beautiful. Thank you."

Miranda, London

I have fulfilled several commissions to supply bespoke light-pieces, often as centrepiece items for domestic kitchens. 

I've also developed a range of different design shapes.

The robust nature of these shades means that they can be periodically taken down and cleaned with water and detergent.

The finished pieces are vitrified, so essentially as strong as a glass lampshade.

When the lamp is unlit, the shades have a beautiful matt-white textured surface, reminiscent of the outside of a sea-shell. Adding paper pulp to the slip means that it is possible to produce exceptionally thin and translucent shades. Even the large pieces weigh only around one kilogram. 

I am experimenting with new shapes. These are unique and exclusive products and can take some time to produce, as they need to fit in around other work. 

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