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Lightpieces information

Showing the current range of shapes and sizes.

Please note that I make these individually in response to orders, and that it can take a few weeks to complete an order, especially when I have other commitments with my studio ceramics work.

small flat top.png

Small flat top

Diameter 130mm, height 110mm


Small cone

Diameter 205mm height 350mm

short cylinder.png

Short cylinder

Diameter 185mm height around 260mm

Large cone.png

Large cone

Diameter 300mm height 285mm

long cylinder.png

Long cylinder

Diameter 205mm height 345mm

large dome.png

Large dome

Diameter 340mm height 245mm

These lightpieces are designed to fit a standard UK metal lampholder pendant fitting, (recommended) and generally need to be adjusted to fit the standard UK polystyrene (plastic) pendant light fittings. If your commission needs to fit with lampholders of other types ( such as from countries other than the UK), then please supply a sample fitting or detailed specification to ensure that the item can be adjusted to fit.


I can supply cable and lampholders if required - these are as shown in the photos, brushed-nickel and chrome finish metal fittings with grey silk twisted cable. Please note that you should appoint your own electrician for fitting lampholders. 

Get in touch to commission lightpieces from me, or to find out more.

lampholder upright.JPG
Halogen bulb.JPG

A halogen incandescent bayonet lightbulb which we suggest will work well with the shades, providing much healthier and more beautiful light than, for instance LED lamps.

The metal lampholder recommended for use, and which the shades are generally made to fit. These metal lampholders are slightly smaller in diameter than the standard UK plastic lampholder fittings, so the standard hole size in the shades needs to be enlarged to accommodate a plastic fitting. Please note that if you use a halogen bulb it will produce more heat than and LED fitting, and we think that a metal lampholder will be more compatible and last longer.

Contact Sarah Jenkins about Lightpieces

Thanks for getting in touch.

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